The extraordinary genius of the ancient Egyptians.

November 06, 2023

The ancient Egyptians used to drink from the Nile water as we don't know, but how did they clean or filter this water?! You certainly see that the fresh water is so turbid and not sweet. How did they know how to purify it from bacteria, germs, and other diseases!

I swear, sir, we know from the inscriptions on the temples and the papyri that they used to bring the seeds of a plant called “moringa” that grows in southern Egypt, and then they brought the pottery vessels in which they would bottle water from the Nile in order to keep them in their homes, and they rubbed these seeds inside the entire vessel and left the rest of it in The bottom of the pot with some simple sand. This way the water will be clean

Imagine, my brother, after about 5,000 years, and recently, a doctor from Penn State University in America came and discovered that their method was genius and extremely correct. Scientists discovered that the seeds of the Moringa plant, unlike other plants, contain a positively charged protein called (MOCP). It has the ability to kill bacteria by gathering around them and sticking to them in the water, and it prefers to pull them down until they settle to the bottom.

Well, it cannot come out again as long as the pot does not move, and here comes the role of some sand that they put at the bottom of the pottery, clay, or bronze pot. It filters the bacteria underneath and prevents them from coming out again until the pot is washed and refilled again.

Their genius did not stop at that.. These scientists knew that this protein does not appear in the fruit except at a certain time in the winter, and after that it disappears or disappears, and what shocks you is that this is the time when the ancient Egyptians used to harvest the fruit..

Well, they knew how seriously it was this plant that did this, unlike the rest of the plants around them! They knew the time, its effectiveness, and the mechanics! This is complicated chemistry, and they did not have at least a telescope! There are many big question marks in front of their mysterious and dazzling


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