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Experience Egypt differently - tour to the White and Black desert, fascination with Desert and Oasis





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1 day of White and Black Desert Tour

Around noon our experienced driver will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada. In a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle, we begin our tour of the Bahariya oasis and the white and black desert of Egypt towards Cairo. Already on the way, you will be able to collect first impressions of the beauty and originality of the desert. Upon arriving in Cairo, you will check in into your hotel room. After a short break, you will experience the vibrant life of the Egyptian capital on a city tour. Various photo stops give you the opportunity to capture your memories. At the end of the first day, our experienced guide will take you back to your hotel for dinner.


2 day of White and Black Desert Tour

The next morning, an unforgettable adventure begins for you! From Cairo you will drive about 350 km in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles in 3 hours in a south-westerly direction to the oasis of Al Bahariya. Along the way, you will be impressed by the varied desert landscape. If you are lucky, you will be able to observe the natural spectacle of Fata Morgana In Al Bahariya and then we change the vehicle. On a jeep, we continue our way off-road into the black desert. An incredible contrast of colors awaits you. One of the most beautiful mountains is el Gebel el Marsus, Stabelberg, which offers mesmerizing photographs. Numerous mountains are covered with basalt and have the shape of a cone. These mountains are of volcanic origin and have been eroded. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique landscape of the black desert and its untouched nature! A local guide with excellent knowledge of the white and black desert of Egypt will accompany you on all tours. The panoramic mountain offers a breathtaking view of the endless expanses of the desert. Afterwards, you will have lunch at Wadi al-Khaiz. This place is also important because it was built on the ruins of a Roman fortress. After our rest, the journey continues to the ancient desert of El Agabat, where another highlight awaits you. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the silence of the desert away from the stress and bustle of our time. Bizarre limestone rock formations create impressive photo motifs. Crystal Mountain is located on the outskirts of the White Desert National Park, it arose 20-30 million years ago and was discovered during road construction. Composed of white crystals, it sparkles in the sun like a diamond. The first dinosaur skeletons were discovered by the German scientist Ernst Stromer, in 2000, the discovery of the skeleton of the second largest dinosaur that ever lived was significant. These dimensions are huge and will surprise you. Late afternoon while our driver camps for the night in the white desert. You can enjoy the last rays of the sun and a beautiful sunset. As a special culinary highlight of your trip, the Bedouins will prepare a delicious traditional dinner for you.


The final tea ceremony by the fire will perfectly complete this day, and the unforgettable impressions of spending the night under the starry sky will remain in your memory for a long time. 3 day of White and Black Desert Tour

A fantastic view awaits you the next morning when you look out of your tents for the first time… Desert sunrise is a fantastic experience and a great photo opportunity! After a hearty breakfast, we continue our journey (through the white and black desert of Egypt) towards the Bahariya oasis. On the way back to the oasis, visit Gebel el-Azaz Crystal Mountain, whose rocks are composed of quartz crystals, which is why it is often called the pearl of the desert. This name is self-explanatory, as diamonds sparkle and glisten at prominent elevations in the sun. You will be full of enthusiasm. Looking at the oasis of Bahariya, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale of a thousand and one nights. The oasis is included in the 5 most important inhabited basins of Egypt. With an area of ??2000 km / 2, it is one of the smaller oases and is 130 m above sea level. Its heyday fell on the dynasty of the pharaoh Anisis, it acquired great importance in the Greco-Roman period. In 1938, a temple dedicated to Alexander the Great was found. It is the only consecrated temple on Egyptian soil. Oasis owes its current fame to the discovery of golden mummies in 1995. These contemporary witnesses can be seen in the local museum. You can find variety by taking a relaxing bath in one of the natural sulfur springs. A positive side effect is a curative effect on rheumatic and skin diseases. Just let your soul have some fun, and then we will take our guests on a pleasant trip through the date palm plantation. date palms. Fruit and olive trees characterize the image of this oasis. Finally we reach the English Mountain, which forms the center of the oasis. It owes its name to the occupation by British troops during the First World War who gathered on its summit. period can be seen today still see. After a short climb, you have a beautiful view of the entire panorama of the oasis. The perfect chance to capture your holiday memories.

  • All entrance fees for the mentioned visits and services.
  • Overnight in a 4 star hotel in Cairo on bed and breakfast package only
  • All camping gear and tents.
  • All transfers in an air-conditioned and comfortable vehicle, sedan or bus have 14 seats.
  • Tours by private Jeep 4X4 to the White and Black Desert
  • Desert camping for one night
  • All sleeping gear, sleeping bag, mattresses, pillows and blankets
  • All meals.
  • Experienced and competent English-speaking guide.
  • Soft drinks during the tour
  • .
  • Drinks in the restaurant in Cairo.
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